Alcohol Cravings Shot of AlcoholWhen going through the alcohol addiction treatment process and after leaving rehab, it’s important to plan ahead for alcohol cravings. You will have cravings for alcohol for months or even years after quitting. Temptations to drink can be spurred by situations, physical urges, emotions, and thoughts.

When alcohol cravings occur, it’s important to remind yourself of your reasons for getting sober and staying clean. It’s also important to have avoidance plans in place ahead of time. Not having plans in place is setting yourself up for failure. Alcohol rehab centers will help you devise your plans of action and education you on the best ways for coping with alcoholism.

There are many ways to fight the cravings to drink. You need to discover which ones work for you to prevent relapse. Approximately 90 percent of recovering alcoholics relapse in the first four years after treatment.1 Chances of successful recovery are greatly increased through treatment at an inpatient alcohol rehab center and participating in counseling, taking drugs to treat alcohol addiction, learning what triggers your alcohol cravings, and devising plans of action to distract yourself from alcohol cravings.

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  1. Jennifer 6 months ago

    Thanks for giving very good explanations for alcohol cravings and avoiding temptation.
    Those who have gone dry after drinking very heavily can experience intense cravings for alcohol which, if they are not dealt with appropriately, can all too easily cause a relapse. But the good news is that in the majority of cases these cravings should become less of a problem over time.

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